New COMPASS Guides CJS Efforts

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services has launched COMPASS: Comprehensive Assistance for Shared Services, an interactive tool available online.

Public health departments and local governments work hard to serve their communities, often with limited resources and competing priorities. Cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) is one model that can maximize public health efforts. CJS occurs when two or more jurisdictions collaborate to share programs, functions, staff, expertise, resources and more.

Cross-jurisdictional sharing may seem like a complex concept at first, and it may feel overwhelming to know where to start. COMPASS was designed to show the way. It includes self-guided tours through the three main phases of the CJS Roadmap, and it provides probing questions to help users identify key considerations. Packed with online resources and interactive multimedia elements, COMPASS provides a wealth of material from sample legal agreements to communications techniques, all of which can be adapted to the unique situations facing each health department or jurisdiction.

To learn more about how COMPASS works, watch the short video below and read page two of our informational brochure.
Find COMPASS online.

Visit COMPASS online.