CJS Resource Library

The Center’s CJS Resource Library contains best practices, lessons learned and tools to assist jurisdictions that are considering or adopting cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) arrangements. While most tools and resources in the library primarily focus on public health CJS, some address public sector CJS more broadly.

There are two ways to find information in the CJS Resource Library

1) Main Navigation Menu

Hover over “CJS Resource Library” on the website’s main navigation menu above. Then, select a topic from the dropdown menu.

2) Search Box

Type a term into the “Search Box” located on the website’s main navigation menu above, then select search. Or, if you prefer, leave the box blank and select search. This will lead you to the search page which includes a filter feature. To find only items located in the CJS Resource Library, expand the “Items to Search” filter and select “CJS Resource Library.”

The other filters in the search box will further narrow the search. For a description of how each filter works, click on the information button to the left of the filter title.

Understanding the icons in the search results

An icon preceding a search result signifies that the resource is included in the Center’s CJS Resource Library.

The icons signify the resource type:
The resource is a tool, which is an interactive document that often requires the user to input information specific to the CJS initiative.
The resource is an example, which is a document from an actual cross-jurisdictional sharing initiative.
The resource is a report, which contains written information applicable to CJS, often from task forces, case studies or project teams.
The resource is an article, which contains written information that may be peer-reviewed.
The resource is a webinar, video or audio file, which contains audio-visual information.
The resource is a website produced by another organization.

If you are unable to find the information you need, or if you have a resource you think might be appropriate to add to the library, please contact the Center’s Resource Library team at phsharing@khi.org.