Monitoring and Improving / Phase Three / Roadmap

Questions related to monitoring and improving sharing arrangements should be addressed in Phase Three of the Roadmap to Develop Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Initiatives.

Examples of issues to consider:

  • Are the results of the activities successful?
      • Is there a high level of satisfaction among the stakeholders and groups affected by the initiative?
      • Are the goals of improved effectiveness and efficiency being achieved?
      • Are there processes in place to periodically review the arrangement’s scope, goals and cost-sharing strategies, and to consider its continuation, modification or termination?
    • Is the knowledge acquired being shared with the project team and other stakeholders?

    Resources to help answer these questions can be found below the line.
    For an overview of the Roadmap or to find resources for another phase or area, select a link from the list below:

    The resources are part of the Center’s CJS Resource Library, which contains best practices, lessons learned and tools that can help jurisdictions considering or adopting cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) arrangements. While most tools and resources in the library primarily focus on public health CJS, some address public sector CJS more broadly.
    The following icons in the resource title signify:

    The resource is a tool.
    The resource is an example document from an actual cross-jurisdictional sharing initiative.
    The resource is a report.
    The resource is an article.
    The resource is a webinar, video or audio file.
    The resource is a website.

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