Colorado: San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership

This grantee was part of the Center’s Shared Services Learning Community

CJS Case Report: San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership
The San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership was formalized to facilitate cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) arrangements between and among three rural and three frontier counties, with a specific goal of optimizing the effectiveness, efficiency, capacity and performance of core public health services. For the complete story, read the Center’s CJS Case Report about the site.
The Center also published the following grant reports about this site:

  • Summary report: This report was published in 2015 and provides a summary of the site’s activities during the time it was a demonstration site for the Center. The information in this report also is included in the more comprehensive CJS Case Report described above.
  • Site visit report: The Center visited the site in August 2013. This report documents the activities from the site visit as well as some of the Center’s observations.
  • Lessons Learned: In this excerpt from a report to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the partnership responds to the question, “When considering the design and implementation of this project, what lessons did you learn that might help other grantees implement similar work in this field?”


Learn more about CJS in Colorado

To learn more about the public health system and cross-jurisdictional sharing in Colorado, and to find examples of other CJS arrangements there, visit the Center’s state page about Colorado.

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