Webinar Recording: The Value of Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services held a webinar, the Value of Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing, on September 13, 2019.

Watch a recording of the webinar below:


While it’s not unusual for decision-makers to consider cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) primarily as a tool to reduce costs, in reality the greatest value of these arrangements comes in the form of a more effective public health presence in the community. Carefully planned CJS arrangements can yield a host of significant benefits, such as securing much-needed additional staff expertise, maintaining programs that otherwise would be lost to budget cuts or the end of a grant, and enhancing policies and practices to address community health needs.

During this webinar which features a CJS arrangement in Genesee and Orleans Counties (NY), Health Director Paul Pettit describes the value proposition of their model and how he used the opportunities presented by combining management teams to gain new efficiencies and make practice improvements for both county health departments.


  • Paul Pettit,
    Health Officer, Genesee and Orleans Counties (NY)
  • Grace Gorenflo,
    Senior Consultant, Center for Sharing Public Health Services
  • Patrick Libbey,
    Senior Consultant, Center for Sharing Public Health Services