How Can We Share Resources Successfully? Join Us for Our Next Webinar

A Message from the Director of the Center for Sharing Public Health Services

April 2019

Springtime is finally here in the Midwest. While the weather is pleasant today, several states in our region have experienced historic levels of flooding this year. And in some parts of the country, many communities are experiencing measles outbreaks. In these and other cases, public health must be ready to respond quickly to the challenges, while continuing to provide other routine services.

How do health departments deal with these and other complex situations? On their own, each local health department only can do so much. However, by collaborating with other jurisdictions to share capacity and services, health departments can create economies of scale and provide mutual support to each other, making the most of existing resources and being able to perform more tasks.

Collaboration itself, however, can add a whole new level of complexity to any endeavor. Most of you probably have at least one story about a “collaborative effort” that didn’t go well. How can we maximize the chances of success when we decide to share resource with other health departments?

Based on our work in the past several years, we have identified 10 factors that can increase the likelihood that a CJS initiative will be successful. We have divided these Success Factors into three categories:

  • Prerequisites should be in place before partners start to work collaboratively. Trust, which is essential in all CJS arrangements, is just one of the three prerequisites that partners should address before a CJS initiative begins.

  • Facilitating Factors are positive qualities that can make collaborating easier. For example, a sense of regional identity can be a powerful foundation for a CJS arrangement. The Center has identified two other factors that could be leveraged, if present, to help foster success.

  • Project Characteristics, such as effective communication, can help a CJS arrangement succeed. There are three other project characteristics that partners in a CJS initiative should always address in the project plan and implementation.


For an in-depth discussion on the Success Factors, attend our next webinar, titled Success Factors for CJS: What Does It Take to Succeed? Senior staff from the Center for Sharing Public Health Services will describe and provide field-based examples of each Success Factor. The discussion will be followed by a question-and-answer session. Register now!

We hope you will be able to join us for this helpful event, which takes place on Friday, May 17, 2019, at noon Central Daylight Time.

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– Gianfranco Pezzino, Director