Small Grants Program

The Center’s Small Grants Program was designed to fill specific gaps in the Center’s knowledge, affirm and/or refine initial learnings, and assist sites in achieving their program goals. Read what we’ve learned so far through the program, Small Grant Learnings.

Our 2018 grantees are listed below, organized by the Center’s learning objective priority area. Select this link to learn more about the 2018 Small Grants Program.

Priority Area: Grants addressing use of public health CJS among small jurisdictions (population less than 50,000)

Berkshire (MA) — Project aims to create templates and standards for board of health best practices to support uniform, efficient and effective board of health offices.

Cerro Gordo (IA) — Project aims to explore cross-jurisdictional sharing arrangements to identify optimal arrangements for disease surveillance and response and to strengthen the regional public health system for equitable delivery of epidemiological public health services. Project also aims to develop tools and protocols for disease reporting.

Kentucky River District (KY) — Project aims to assess health issues, concerns and interests from citizens across all eight counties of the Kentucky River Area Development District and aims to direct asset mapping within each county to assess available resources that may be used to address issues identified within the counties.

Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MA) — Project aims to collect and analyze 2016–17 data for inspections and enforcement, including staffing and revenue, and aims to collect and analyze 2016–17 data for public health nursing, including staffing and financing. Project also aims to develop cross-jurisdictional sharing models and plans using prior findings.

Montgomery Township (NJ) — Project aims to conduct a nursing capacity-building pilot to investigate needs for communicable disease investigation, enforcement and outbreak and disaster response. Project also aims to develop nursing performance management work plan and quality improvement action plan.

Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors (NE) — Project aims to support a workgroup in developing a framework for shared human resource services including the drafting of administrative documents for formal sharing arrangements (Human Resources Ensembles). Project also aims to develop draft contracts for ensembles, develop a request for proposals to hire a human resources professional, and identify project costs and potential returns on investment.

Priority Area: Use of CJS as a systems change tool for public health service delivery.

NWHealth (MI) — Project aims to explore, prepare and plan organizational options for the Northern Michigan Public Health Alliance, including a range of relationships with the Northern Michigan Health Consortium.

Southern Nevada (NV) — Project aims to complete a comprehensive baseline needs assessment of cross-jurisdictional sharing for Southern Nevada that examines jurisdiction-specific findings, potential future recommendations and barriers to sharing.

Priority Area: Use of CJS methods and principles for public health collaboration among different government sectors.

California State University, Fresno (CA) — Project aims to convene representative teams of county-based, multi-sector health improvement coalitions with the goal of exploring opportunities for and potential benefits of multi-sector cross-jurisdictional collaboration and sharing, including increased impact of current county-based health initiatives. Project also aims to develop tools for multi-sector cross-jurisdictional collaboration and sharing.

Center for State & Local Government Excellence (DC) — Project aims to conduct a study to identify innovative ways for state and local governments to meet financial obligations and contain costs as well as innovative approaches to workforce recruitment and retention. Project also aims to develop a practitioner-oriented checklist to assist in engaging elected and appointed officials to achieve effective staffing through cross-jurisdictional sharing.