Message from the Co-Directors

Final Report Now Available: 
Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Implementation and
Impact Measurement Program

Does cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) really work? Does it make a difference? Our latest report on how to measure the impact of CJS activities helps answer these questions and more. Click here to read the report.

Since the Center’s beginning in 2012, we have heard these questions from both health officials and policymakers wanting to know if improvements in public health service delivery resulting from CJS efforts can be demonstrated and if cost or other efficiency improvements resulting from CJS efforts can be quantified. 

While we have suspected for quite some time (based on evidence from individual projects) that the answer to these questions is “Yes, it does work, it does make a difference,” we didn’t have as much systematic evidence as we wanted. Therefore, in early 2016, we embarked on a journey to systematically measure the differences in effectiveness and efficiency resulting from CJS arrangements. 

First, we developed a standardized, common and shareable methodology for measuring changes resulting from CJS implementation. Then, we recruited four sites to help test the model. Teams at those sites—located in Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin—worked with us to quantify changes in effectiveness and efficiency that resulted from using CJS approaches.

Those teams have finished their work and demonstrated that the impact of CJS initiatives can be measured using the systematic approach developed by the Center. The results are contained in our latest report, Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Implementation and Impact Measurement Program: Final Report. Click here to learn more and to read the report. 

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– Pat Libbey and Gianfranco Pezzino, Center Co-Directors

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The Center for Sharing Public Health Services has launched COMPASS: Comprehensive Assistance for Shared Services, an interactive, online tool that guides public health departments and local governments as they consider and adopt cross-jurisdictional sharing approaches. 

Packed with online resources and interactive multimedia elements, COMPASS can help you plan for success. Visit to learn more.

Since 2012, the Center for Sharing Public Health Services has served as a national resource on cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS), building the evidence and producing and disseminating tools, methods and models to assist public health agencies and policymakers as they consider and adopt CJS approaches.

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services is a national initiative managed by the Kansas Health Institute with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.