Horizon Public Health

This grantee was part of the Center’s Implementation and Impact Measurement Program.

In 2015, three previously independent health departments in West Central Minnesota consolidated into one new health department called Horizon Public Health. This five-county regional public health organization serves approximately 67,000 people.

The impact measurement plan included comparing before- and after-consolidation administrative costs, program reach, and staff capacity, as well as outcomes in two programs targeting high-risk populations before and after integration.

Horizon Public Health demonstrated both cost efficiency and quality effectiveness as a result of their full integration. Total administrative costs were reduced by about $300,000 ($200,000 from administrative overhead for the health department’s programs and $100,000 from a reduction of administrative FTEs in the newly created agency). Marked increases in breastfeeding initiation (from 79 to 84 percent) and proportion breastfeeding at three months (from 42 to 50 percent) were observed post-implementation among Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) clients, with only a slight decrease at six months.

Read the final report: Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Implementation and Impact Measurement Program

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