Let Our New COMPASS Guide Your CJS Journey

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services has big news! We have launched an interactive online tool called COMPASS: Comprehensive Assistance for Shared Services. We invite you to check it out!


We know that public health departments and local governments work hard to serve their communities, often with limited resources and competing priorities. Cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) is one model to consider as you look for new ways to maximize your public health efforts. However, CJS may seem like a complex concept, and it may feel overwhelming to know where to start. This is what COMPASS was designed for.


COMPASS includes self-guided tours through each of the three main phases of CJS. No matter where you are in the process—whether you are just beginning to explore a CJS route, are in the middle of planning a CJS journey, or are nearing your destination by implementing or improving your CJS arrangement—COMPASS will guide you through each step. The tool includes probing questions to help identify where you are in each phase of CJS, and at each step it will suggest key considerations for your journey. Packed with online resources and interactive multimedia elements, COMPASS provides a wealth of material from sample legal agreements to communications techniques, all of which can be adapted to your unique situation.


We want to hear what you think about COMPASS! Please email us at phsharing@khi.org.

– Pat Libbey and Gianfranco Pezzino, Center Co-Directors

Small Grants Now Available

The Center is offering small grants to organizations that wish to explore, plan, implement or improve some specific aspects of cross-jurisdictional sharing in public health. Visit our website for more information and to apply.