Strategy and Action Plan Workgroup Report

This report highlights the activities and recommendations produced by the Strategy and Action Plan (SAP) Workgroup. The majority of the activities described below took place in 2013. A draft of this report, and the workgroup’s recommendations, were provided to Portage County’s three health departments for review and comment in February of 2014. In the Spring of 2014, work to implement the recommendations of the SAP workgroup began. Finally, in December 2014 this report was updated to provide a description of the steps taken to implement the workgroup’s recommendations. The final section of this report is dedicated to providing an update on these implementation activities.

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  • Accreditation / Essential Services: After reviewing the logic connecting PHAB Accreditation efforts to improvements in community health, the workgroup made a recommendation to hold an information session about the process of submitting a multi-jurisdictional application for PHAB accreditation. The group felt that the idea of a joint accreditation application was worth exploring and that an information session conducted for respective Boards of Health would help those decision makers assess their options in this important area.