Northern Michigan Public Health Alliance 2015-2017 Strategic Plan At-A-Glance

The document provides an overview of the Northern Michigan Public Health Alliance’s strategic plan, including what the partnership hopes to accomplish in three years, what they believe is blocking them, what partners can do to overcome obstacles, and what the partnership will accomplish (outcomes) in the first year.

Available online (pdf):

It is included in the CJS Resource Library under the categories listed below. Select a link to find other resources in that category.

  • Accreditation / Essential Services: This document provides a quick overview of the partnership’s strategic plan, including addressing elements required for accreditation, such as a Community Health Needs Assessment.
  • Change Management: The document identifies barriers to forming the alliance and how those barriers will be addressed.
  • Communications: The document provides a tool to share with external partners regarding what the partnership is doing, how they are doing it, and, to a limited extent, why they are doing it (e.g., to overcome a specific barrier).
  • Monitoring and Improving: By providing specific outcomes, the document provides a way to measure the partnership’s progress.
  • Quality Improvement: The plan identifies goals, barriers, how to address the barriers, and anticipated outcomes for the first year of the partnership.

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