Effective Cross-Jurisdictional Collaboration Governance is Critical!

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) launched its Cross-Jurisdictional Collaboration Working Group in 2012 and re-chartered it in 2013 in order to explore and learn about effective collaboration and critical success factors in state and local government, with the strategic intent to discover best or emerging practices to develop guidance for creating and sustaining effective intra- and inter-jurisdictional collaborative arrangements. This document focuses on the work of this group and results from a 2011 survey report that addresses the priority challenges and opportunities associates with consolidation, collaboration, clout and change.

Available online (pdf): http://www.nascio.org/Portals/0/Publications/Documents/EffectiveCrossJurisdictional.pdf

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  • Governance: This document shares findings from a NASCIO survey that indicates that in successful collaborative arrangements, governance continually surfaced as an essential ingredient for effective sharing of government information and services and effective employment of technology across two or more enterprises.
  • Regionalization: This document provides information about the state of collaborative arrangements across the states in 2012.