Tips for Policymaker Engagement

Phyllis Brashler from the Minnesota System Wide Project.

The Minnesota System Wide project held a panel discussion, led by Phyllis Brashler, in October about how to build policymaker involvement in CJS projects. The following advice came from elected officials and public health administrators as a result of that panel discussion.

  • Enlist a board member to become a public health champion and work with that person to keep the board informed and engaged.
  • Involve policymakers early in the CJS process.
  • Build trusting relationships with policymakers and county administrators. This relationship building often takes place outside the board setting.
  • Communicate a common goal and vision with policymakers.
  • Emphasize program improvement and service provision.
  • Ask policymakers how much information they would like to receive about the project, how often they would like to receive it, and through what means.
  • Sit down with new policymakers and ask them about their concerns or questions with the CJS arrangement.


If you are interested in learning more about the panel discussion, please contact the team via the “email project team” link on the Minnesota System Wide project page on our website.