West Central Public Health Parternship: A Case Study in Public Health Collaboration

Health officials from six counties along Colorado’s Western Slope came together with a common goal of strengthening the region’s public health infrastructure culminating in the establishment of the West Central Public Health Partnership (WCPHP). In the years that followed, officials enacted intergovernmental agreements outlining partnership roles and responsibilities, and participants embarked on numerous multi-jurisdictional public health campaigns and programs. This report describes an in-depth evaluation of the WCPHP to identify the organizational elements that contributed to the group’s successes.

Available online: http://www.coloradotrust.org/sites/default/files/PFH_CaseStudy_090612-FINAL.rev_.pdf

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Velonis, A. (2012). The West Central Public Health Partnership: A Case Study in Public Health Collaboration. Denver, CO: The Colorado Trust.