Minnesota Website Highlights Resources

In a developmental field like cross-jurisdictional sharing, it’s helpful to learn from a variety of projects. That’s one reason why the Minnesota System Wide project – one of the Shared Services Learning Communities – has created a Resources page on its website.

Like the Center for Sharing Public Health Services, Minnesota is supporting local projects that are exploring cross-jurisdictional sharing.

“One of our main goals is to diffuse information about cross-jurisdictional sharing and tools throughout the Minnesota public health system,” says Allison Thrash of the Office of Performance Improvement in the Minnesota Department of Health.

While much of the Minnesota website content is geared for the local project partners, there are many items that others might find helpful. Allison says it’s important to share project examples and tools as they come across them to share knowledge and resources locally and nationally.

“The more of us that link to some of these articles, the better,” she says. “The best developed part of our site is the Resources page, and we continue to add to it.”

Minnesota asks its project partners to share any tools they develop or find and think are useful, Allison says. One good example is a sample contract developed by Partnership4Health – one of the project’s grant partners – that lays out what an arrangement might look like. While some of the documents are specific to certain projects, Allison says they still can serve as a good resource.

“In response to some questions we’ve been getting, we’ve put up a lot of project management tools. We also feature many links back to the Center’s site,” she says.

Because Allison works for a state agency, she has help from communications staff members who handle website development and posting. Other state staff members provide technical assistance and support to individual Minnesota project teams.