Regionalization: Collateral Benefits of Emergency Preparedness Activities

This article provides lessons from regionalized public health services for emergency preparedness in Kansas. It discusses the tangible and intangible benefits of regionalization as perceived by members of focus groups interviewed for this research.

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  • Preparedness / Emergency Response: The purpose of this research was to assess the impact of regionalization associated with emergency preparedness in Kansas Counties since 2002.
  • Research and Evaluation: Research is derived from three focus groups conducted in May 2005 with 31 Kansas health department employees. Most participants were public health administrators, women, and 40 years of age or older.
  • Rural / Small Jurisdictions: This article discusses the benefits of regionalization as seen from the perspective of officials from rural areas in Kansas.

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Wetta-Hall, R., RuBerg-Copas, G., Ablah, E., Herrmann, M. B., Kang, S., Orr, S. & Molgaard, C. (2007). Regionalization: Collateral Benefits of Emergency Preparedness Activities. Journal of Public Health Management Practice, 13(5), 469-475.