Network for Public Health Law

The Network for Public Health Law provides insightful legal assistance, helpful resources and opportunities to build connections for local, tribal, state and federal officials as well as public health practitioners, attorneys, policymakers and advocates.

Available online:

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  • Accreditation / Essential Services: The Public Health Law Network has developed expertise in legal structures supporting current state-based accreditation programs. Case studies developed by the Network and its partners provide lessons learned from states that implemented accreditation through three distinct legal structures: policy implementation, formal rule making (regulation) and statute.
  • Environmental Issues: The Network for Public Health Law is prepared to provide technical assistance to public health practitioners developing and implementing effective environmental health laws and policies. The Network has access to top-ranked experts in environmental law who can bring decades of experience in studying, developing and advocating for environmental policy change to improve public health.
  • Governance: The Public Health Law Network attorneys with expertise in public health law can provide technical assistance and training on the legal framework for public health practice and how to best use the law as a tool to promote or protect the public’s health. Network attorneys also are able to help practitioners exploring potential interventions to address a public health problem, including evaluating merits and tradeoffs and identifying jurisdictions that have already used law to address that particular problem.
  • Legal Issues: Countless important issues and many legal complexities exist in public health. To make getting help easy, the Public Health Law Network serves as a single-entry point to experienced experts on a wide range of public health law topics.
  • Preparedness / Emergency Response: The Network for Public Health Law can provide legal guidance, training and support to address these and other legal and policy issues in emergency preparedness. These issues may be addressed during non-emergencies through advance planning and education, innovative exercises and other training efforts. During emergency declarations, the Network can provide real-time legal guidance to help public health leaders as they respond and make critical decisions with potential legal ramifications.
  • Tribal Issues: The Public Health Law Network can provide technical assistance on the relationship between state, local and tribal public health laws and policy issues through collaborative partnerships with tribal governments and organizations. The Network also will secure relevant input from state and local governments and other stakeholders on issues of mutual concern.