Final Recommendations for Consolidators

Based on an assessment of three local health departments, Kent State University personnel make recommendations for public health leaders who are consolidating local health agencies. Recommendations include 1) defining and collecting baseline information, 2) carefully planning the process of implementation, and 3) addressing challenges (i.e., leadership, credibility, assessment of progress).

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  • Accreditation / Essential Services: The document discusses the importance of addressing essential services during a consolidation.
  • Change Management: The document provides suggestions for change management.
  • Consolidation: The document describes the consolidation of three public health agencies.
  • Governance: The document describes the resolution to governance issues across three local public health agencies.
  • Monitoring and Improving: The document discusses the importance of monitoring and collecting data during a consolidation process.
  • Quality Improvement: The document discusses quality improvement processes and provides recommendations for implementation.
  • Research and Evaluation: The document presents findings from a qualitative research process.

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Kent State University. (2012). Final Recommendations for Consolidators. Kent, OH: Kent State University College of Public Health and Summit County Public Health.