The Consolidation of the Health Departments in Summit County, Ohio

This report provides a historical narrative of the process of consolidating three local health departments into one for an entire county. It provides details of how the political, legal, fiscal and administrative challenges to obtaining approval of the merger and of implementing it were met.

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  • Background / History: This report provides a detailed history of political and legal barriers that had to be overcome to approve the merger and implement it.
  • Consolidation: This report provides details of the process of consolidation of one county public health department with two city public health departments.
  • Fiscal and Service Issues: This report discusses how the three entities’ budgets and funding streams impact the merger.
  • Governance: This report describes conflicts among the three parties in relation to the proposed merger and compromises that allowed them to create a consolidated public health department.
  • Legal Issues: Multiple legal and legislative issues had to be overcome including adjusting employment contracts for the new entity.

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Harvard Kennedy School. (2012). The Consolidation of the Health Departments in Summit County, Ohio. Boston, MA: Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government.