Building Capacity to Support and Study QI in Local Georgia Public Health Systems

The article focuses on a study of quality improvement (QI) in Georgia’s local public health systems and provides insight into the use of regional bodies as QI collaboratives and multijurisdictional entities.

Available online:

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  • Quality Improvement: It reports on development of a study of quality improvement on selected projects in three Georgia Health Districts.
  • Research and Evaluation: It describes a process by which health districts collaborated with the coordinating center to study selected QI projects and develop models for improvement.


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Livingood, W. C., Marshall, N., Peden, A. Gonzales, K., Shah, G. H., Toal, R., et. al. (2012). Building capacity to support and study QI in local Georgia public health systems. Frontiers in Public Health Services and Systems Research 1(3).