Roadmap Phase One: Partners and Stakeholders

Who are the partners that should be involved.

Examples of issues to consider:

  • What is the history of relationships among the jurisdictions affected by this effort?
  • What are the motivations of each key partner?
  • Is there political willingness among stakeholders and those affected by the issue to explore CJS as a possible solution? Is CJS a feasible option?
  • What are the guiding principles that the CJS effort would have? Do all the partners share these principles?
  • What other individuals and groups does the issue affect, and how?
  • Is the model being considered feasible? Will it have the support of stakeholders and those affected by the CJS initiative?


The Center offers tools and resources to help jurisdictions answer these questions. Select a link below to access them.

Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Agreements Collaborative Trust Scale — An anonymously collected survey to assess levels of trust between collaboration partner organizations. This scale can make discussions about trust safer and more productive. The survey is a useful tool to help people explore together their differing expectations and build stronger and more productive collaborative relationships.

View resources that can help with these questions.

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