Roadmap Phase One: Explore

During the first phase on the Roadmap to Develop Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing (CJS) Initiatives, jurisdictions explore issues related to why sharing would be beneficial, what could be shared and who should be involved.

Because successful CJS requires the support of policymakers, who have the authority to enter into sharing arrangements, and health officials, who are responsible for carrying them out, it is important to actively engage these key parties in the exploratory phase. It is not sufficient to work from assumptions regarding the parties’ willingness and commitment to share; rather, it must be confirmed before moving on to the next phase on the roadmap, prepare and plan.

Activities in the Explore phase identify:

  • The respective and collective reasons or drivers for CJS.
  • The history, culture, shared working experiences and public health perspectives of the participating jurisdictions.
  • What is “on or off the table” when it comes to CJS relationships.
  • What would be considered for sharing.
  • What is needed to develop and sustain the relationship among the jurisdictions.


Basically, this phase is a conceptual feasibility study that helps partners start with a clear understanding of what is wanted and why it is wanted. CJS efforts that initially skip this phase may find themselves hitting unexpected roadblocks that could or should have been foreseen and addressed by a more thorough exploratory examination.

Select a link below to access a list of questions to consider and resources relevant to each of the issues that should be visited while in the Explore phase:


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Phase One: Explore
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