A Roadmap to Develop Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Initiatives

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services has created A Roadmap to Develop Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Initiatives to help guide jurisdictions through the process of considering or establishing cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) arrangements.

There are three distinct phases on the roadmap (select one for more information on that phase):

•    Phase One: Explore
•    Phase Two: Prepare and Plan
•    Phase Three: Implement and Improve

Each phase contains a set of areas to explore. Resources and tools are linked to each area. Areas are further broken down into issues to consider, which are phrased as questions.

While the progression of phases should take place in the order presented, the areas and issues within each phase do not necessarily have to follow the same order as listed on the Roadmap.

If it becomes apparent during the process that some key areas or issues from an earlier phase were overlooked, it is important to go back to that phase and resolve them before moving forward.

Keep in mind, this Roadmap is intended to be more of a guide than a set of specific directions for those working on or considering CJS for their jurisdictions.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please contact us at phsharing@khi.org.