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Case Studies

Shared Services Learning Community Case Studies
The Center for Sharing Public Health Services convened the Shared Services Learning Community in... read more ›

Tips for Policymaker Engagement

Phyllis Brashler from the Minnesota System Wide Project.
The Minnesota System Wide project held a panel discussion, led by Phyllis Brashler, in... read more ›

SSLC Site Visit: California

Site visit participants tour a tuberculosis lab in Tijuana. Pictured from left to right are: Richard Kiy, Gianfranco Pezzino, Pat Libbey, Katie... read more ›

Managing Change

Change is at the heart of every new cross-jurisdictional sharing arrangement. Questions about how to manage change have come up in several site... read more ›

NACCHO Booth Draws a Crowd

Visitors to the Center’s booth included, from left, Jessica Solomon-Fisher, NACCHO director for accreditation preparation and QI and Center... read more ›

Prioritization Matrix

A prioritization matrix can help an organization make decisions by systematically comparing choices through the selection, weighing, and application... read more ›

Shared Staff Agreement

This agreement outlines how a public health director position will be shared between two New York counties by working collaboratively toward fiscal... read more ›

Activity Log

This activity log can be used to explore the different roles and activities of collaborative team members and to summarize their activities into a... read more ›

Fiscal Lead Tool

This tool helps interested parties explore whether one agency in a shared services agreement should take the role as fiscal agent or fiscal... read more ›

Logic Model Example

This document contains a logic model of the Northwoods project that can be used to explore expected inputs and outcomes of the project and how the... read more ›

Template Action Plan

This action plan template adapted from the community toolbox lists the steps required to achieve an outcome along with who should complete the... read more ›