Controlling the Cost of Government

This document provides an overview of the Cost of Government Governing Summit hosted by Governing in September 2012.  It is a guide for public officials as they focus on managing costs rather than simply managing their budgets, which requires transforming both operations and decision making through greater transparency, use of performance data, and communication about how the data informs public policy choices.

Available online (pdf):

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  • Change Management: This guide for public officials stresses the importance of communication as governments become more aggressive in sharing services across agency and jurisdictional lines.
  • Communications: This guide for public officials stresses transparency and the importance of including the public in decisions that affect the health of their communities.
  • Fiscal and Service Issues: This guide for public officials focuses on the two largest financial challenges facing state governments: employee pensions and other post-employment benefits, and health care for employees and retirees.
  • Governance: This guide for public officials provides insight into re-examining the entire approach to government as states and localities try to manage the cost of government.


Governing Summit Magazine. (2013). Controlling the Cost of Government. Washington, DC: Governing.