City of Worcester Task Force on Public Health Recommendations to the City Manager

This article describes the findings of a Public Health Task Force convened by Worcester City Manager. The task force presented a strategic framework for guiding future public health decision making. The report includes proposed new mission and vision statements, four strategic goals (each with brief findings and recommended priorities), a new Board of Health Governance model, and a new organizational structure. Strategic Goals include 1) Improving organizational effectiveness, 2) Mobilizing a coordinated community approach, 3) Making data-driven and evidence- based decisions, 4) Building a road to sustainability.

Available online (pdf):

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  • Change Management: It demonstrates the use of a task force report in change management
  • Governance: It presents recommendations for a new governance model for this community.
  • Research and Evaluation: It presents qualitative research findings from interviews with local health directors

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Task Force on Public Health. (2009). Recommendations to the City Manager. Worcester, MA: City of Worcester.