Assessment of Workforce Capacity for Local Health Departments in Nebraska: A Perspective from Public Health Programmatic Areas

This article discusses the results of survey-based research designed to determine workface capacity for local public health departments in Nebraska by programmatic areas. The research revealed shortfalls in workforce capacity in several programmatic areas, helping to identify them as priority areas for policymakers.

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  • Governance: The research described in this article was able to identify areas of workforce shortages in local public health departments by programmatic area.
  • Research and Evaluation: This article describes survey-based research that was able to identify workforce shortages by programmatic area in local health departments in Nebraska.

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Chen, L. W., Nguyen, A. T., Jacobson, J., & Palm, D. (2012). Assessment of workforce capacity for local health departments in Nebraska: A perspective from public health programmatic areas. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 18(6), 595–601.